A full list of winners is:

                                                Main Contribution:


Betty Richardson                    20 years as a volunteer hearing children read at Southwold Primary School

Patricia Elvin                           long term volunteer work on behalf of the RNLI and the Southwold Inbetweens

Beryl Cannell                          10 years of community work in many capacities

Guy Mitchell & Sarah Green 12 years' service making Southwold Post Office & Toy Shop (SPOTS) such a community asset

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society                                                                        to the staff for creating a uniquely welcoming banking service now sadly closed

Tony Evans                             for founding the Excellence Awards and for service to the Southwold & Reydon Society


Ian Southgate                          recognition of his exceptional work as a postman and the special interest he takes in the welfare of the residents on his round.

1st Southwold Scouts              to celebrate more than 100 years of scouting in Southwold and the dedicated leaders who make it possible

Helen Price                              in recognition of her lifelong dedication and service to bellringing in Southwold and Reydon

Southwold Shuttle Bus           in recognition of the dependable service provided and the invaluable benefit to the community and visitors


Stephen Wolfenden                Photographic records of 'The Town'

Mike Mayhew                         Southwold Allotments Association

Revd Rich Henderson            departing vicar of St Margaret's Reydon

Southwold Lifeboat Crew & Fundraisers


John Barber                             Southwold Bellman

Christine Fells                         Red Cross organiser

Keith Warren                          local photography of people & events

Sue Doy                                  long service to the community of Southwold

Barry Tolfree                           Southwold & Son website

York Road GP Surgery          on evolution to the Solebay Health Centre

Barrie Remblance                    long service to the community of Reydon


David Moyse                          fundraising and community involvement

John Winter                             Sailors Reading Room & Harbour

David Woods                          Reydon Corner

            Letter of commendation:

                        Louise Stroyan                  25 years running Nutters


Charlotte Clark                       an exceptional Librarian

Joan Goldsmith                       long service to institutions serving Southwold & Reydon esp St Edmund's

Jack & Ann Robins                 Marguerite Club & Poppy Appeal organisers

Frank Mortlock                       long service to institutions serving Southwold & Reydon

Ruth Chapman                        charity fundraising & 26 yrs organist St Margaret's

Jack Storer                              long service & commitment to the community of Southwold

Cathy Ryan                             exceptional contribution to the development of the Sole Bay Care Fund charity


Jenny Hursell                          26 years' service as Town Clerk

Reydon Scarecrow Trail Committee                                                                    establishing the Trail in 2010 to raise funds for Reydon Christmas lights

Tricia Scott                              immense time & energy as the Southwold & District Voluntary Help Centre co-ordinators

Geraldine Bryant                    31 years on the Executive Committee, 21 years on the Town Council and two terms as Mayor

John Canham                          Solo Town and beachfront cleaner for 20 years

David and Donna Smith         Community fundraising whilst running the Randolph Hotel

             Letters of commendation:

                        John & Patricia Purdy        25 years' service running their newsagent's shop and some 9,000 paper delivering days

                        Tim Hunkin                        novel machines on the pier


Southwold Museum                modernistaion & improved interactiove exhibition space

Christopher and Helen Iredale                                                                                          for the recreation of Southwold Pier

The Barbrook Family              long term involvement in the community esp the Village Hall

Lady Freud & The Jill Freud Company                                                                           the Southwold Summer Theatre

Adnams Reydon Distribution Centre                                                                    innovative design of low carbon commercial building

John & Rosie Bennett             Electric Picture Palace & Southwold Film Society

Robert Temple, Brian Haward, David Vaughan                                                        Godell Sports Pavilion

            Letter of commendation:

                        Southwold Town Council and Brian Webb                                                Southwold sign at Mights Bridge